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Online-wine-tasting in English. Tasting the wines -two red and one rose -and get information about the Domaine Nestor Belicard.

1 Cuvee Rosalie 2020 vin de France Rose san sulfites (ohne Schwefel)

1 Lancie sans sulfites Beaujolais Villages 2018

1 Fleurie Grand Pre cuvee fut de chene 2019

For Nestor Bélicard, running an up-and-coming natural winery in one of France’s top regions wasn’t always the plan. A Lyon native, Nestor left the city in 1982 to pursue a career in the aerospace industry. However, a deep passion for his family’s heritage and long winemaking history brought him back to his roots. In 2018, Nestor took over his father’s estate in the small village of Lancié with a new goal of dedicating his life to Beaujolais and its soils.

Though Nestor is no stranger to the world of viticulture. His winemaking lineage spans 10 generations and 300 years within the Beaujolais area, and Nestor is shaking things up like never before. Passionate for organic viticulture and a natural mentality in the cellar, Nestor produces terroir-reflective natural wines in the most hands-off way possible. “For me, converting the estate to organic agriculture and winemaking wentwithout saying,” he says. “My desire is to go back to essentials, that’s to say, to the way my great-grandfather did things in the thirties, before the industrialization of agriculture.”

In the vineyards, Nestor preserves densely planted vineyards and eschews the use of all pesticides and synthetic products. Yields are kept low and all picking is done by hand. Nestor cultivates 4.5 hectares of vines dedicated to Gamay, as well as an additional hectare that he is converting to Chardonnay.

“My objective is to work in total harmony with the environment by respecting the soils and the natural cycles of the vine,” –Nestor Bélicard

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